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Gay Men Dancing Article

The Reason behind woman's love for gay men

In the recent years several shows like Sex and the city have been idealizing women having gay men as friends. It may be as if we are reading a bit too much into this matter, but it should be noted that there is some evidence on this phenomena which is called as fictional as such. In short it can be said that 2197694 menfront the-reason-behind-woman's-love-for-gay-menwomen love gay men.
There are certain types of gay men whom women prefer over others. Gay men who are good or look good, who have the patience to listen to them and are loyal are considered to be the most loved by women and it is not difficult to understand the reason behind that. This phenomenon as such is restricted to that small numbers of gay men who have all those gentle qualities and listen to women.
There are certain points that heterosexual men need to understand basing on the reason why women love gay men.
The first and foremost thing is related to the clothing in men. It has been seen that gay men are much better in knowledge related to fashion or style compared to ordinary men. They are considered to be well dressed and put aside normal heterosexual men in terms of fashion knowledge or clothing. This is one of the most important reasons for women liking gay men.
The above mentioned point draws men to think about their way of clothing or their taste for clothing. How do one know if they are good in the aspect of style or not? There is no other way than to feel best dressed when present in a crowd of people. If a man does not feel so, it implies that there is a need to rethink about the wardrobe. Women compliment men on their appearance and if that does not happen quite often, then it is the time for a man to think about his dressing style.
The other reason is the physical fitness aspect which gay men interestingly are more serious about than any heterosexual man. Women love to watch the those carefully sculpted forms in any male. This one point is poorly maintained by an ordinary heterosexual man and well maintained by a gay man. As such gay men are loved by woman.
Gay men are also better than heterosexual men in the aspect of healthy lifestyle which is widely appreciated by women. Women like to see a man take care of himself in the aspects of health which is not the case usually and gay men fare better in this aspect. That's another reason for woman liking gay men. This calls for the need for heterosexual men to march towards gyms for physical fitness. At least some amount of physical exercise is needed.
The aspect of sensitivity which was scientifically established by a 2008 study showed that gay men and women had similarly shaped brains which were symmetrical that differed from the asymmetrical brains of straight men which was slightly larger on the right side. As such it can be understood that gay men and straight women have the same viewpoints on the world and think almost similarly.
Basing on the above arguments it should be understood that there is no exception in the communication when your girlfriend's friend deals with her or with her gay male friend. It is the sympathetic side of the gay friend that attracts a woman towards the gay male friend. It is the duty of the straight man to understand the points where he lags behind in comparison to a gay man. A straight man needs to develop the aspect of sensitivity as such.
Faithfulness is another aspect that reasons out why women love gay men. A women does not have the fear of losing her boyfriend to someone else or with the thought of betrayal by her boyfriend if it happens to be a gay male friend.
This calls for the need for a man to establish and demonstrate faithfulness to his woman. In company with the girlfriend a straight male needs to keep control on his actions, the way his eyes moves over other woman and such things that may irate a straight woman.
Gay men are considered to be quite funny and interesting and frankly speak out matters related to sex and also enjoy dancing. Though there are some gay guys who don't wish to be socially associated, but almost every gay man enjoys hanging out and that could be one most important reason why women love gay men.
From the above arguments it should be understood by a straight guy that they need to be less inhibited, talk out loud and require boldness. They need to learn from gays some of those aspects that women love in them. This would surely make a straight man more attractive to his woman than her having a gay male friend as a friend.
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