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Gay Men In Michigan Article

Is Government Money wasted Outside USA on Gays Behavior Project?

Hasan Yahya, Ph.D
The issue is not about gays rights, or against science in general. It is about the money spent on research project outside the USA, where it can be done inside the USA with less money. As we know, any research project has its own value, but such a project make American citizens wonder why the amount spent outside the United States, as if there are no bars or gays in the country. Fox News told the story, government researchers spent US$ 400, 000 on gays risky sexual behavior while drunk. What is disturbing is that the amount is taxpayer money. While in the United States we have the phenomenon in several states where researchers could go and study American bars on a Friday or Saturday night, and the project will need less or no money to do it. With the economy going down to the cesspool, these money are wasted outside the borders of our country. The place selected for the research is six bars in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The story says: The National Institutes of Health are paying researchers that amount to answer the question: why gay men engage in risky sexual behavior while drunk -- and just what can be done about it? The story was hard to believe at first, not among only conservatives, but serious politicians who wander about reducing the deficit. We know that our government will not go that far in wasting taxpayers money on such projects without questioning. It is simply put, it can be done on the American soil with less budget. Many conservatives saw that behavior is beyond insanity and those who are responsible should be questioned to give answers to justify the research project location validity in Argentina over the USA., In short, the government is wasting our money on trivial projects while many politicians cry Wolf deficit, Wolf deficit! Wolf Dept. (350 words)
Hasan Yahya is a professor of sociology, an American Arab writer, a columnist at, Malaysia, and TINA International News Agency, Michigan, USA. hasanyahya
Professor Hasan Yahya, the author of 20 books, including Crescentology, Theory C. of Conflict Management and Cultural Normalization, and Arab Palestinians and Jews:Sociological approach, published 170 plus articles on sociology, politics, psychology, poetry, and short stories in both Arabic and English. hasanyahya

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