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Gay Men Over 60 Article

Gay Relationship Advice That Works - Instant Relationship in Less Than 7 Dates for Gay Men - PART 1 of 2

When you set up a sequence of gay dates in proper order you can achieve a powerful psychological advantage that typically takes months or years to produce. This powerful bond can be created over the course of 7 dates spread over a span of 30 days. Each date has a specific goal and for best results you should stick to the schedule as opposed to trying to "squeeze" everything into one or two dates instead. Time plays a powerful part in this sequence and when you stick to the schedule you will see amazing things happen.
Date #1 Coffee/Tea:
You want to grab coffee or tea at a public place and see if you are physically attracted to him and whether you share chemistry and to determine if he has been truthful in his description of his profile and his photos. During this date you want to avoid any negativity or talk about politics or heavy subjects.
All you are asked to do is share information about where you live, and what you do, your hobbies and favorite activities and what you are looking for in a guy.
You should spend a maximum of 30 minutes on this first date. At the end express your gratitude that you met and that you look forward to seeing him again and will talk soon to determine what you will do. It is best not to make specific plans at this time. You should just say that you will look at your schedule and talk soon on the phone about your next date.
Date #2 Walk:
On this date you want to go for a walk. It is assumed that at this point you are physically attracted to him and that you want to spend more time with him. By going for a walk outside you are going to bond faster because of the increase in testosterone that takes place during physical activity and friendly conversation.
You should ask him questions about his job, interests, favorite activities, his goals, future plans, movies he likes and get a sense of who he is and what you can do to "make his life better". Try not to take over the conversation and make sure to stay positive and enthusiastic.
The walk should be longer than 45 minutes for best results. This should also be the time for you to gather intelligence about his career, health and relationship plans, "fantasies" or best case scenarios. You will use this information in later dates to make him feel connected to your goals and your life's purpose. So if you ask him about his plans for the future in regards to his job and if he replies that he wants to go back to school and get a masters degree in Education, you can use this information on later dates to get instant connection with him.
Date #3 Radical Honesty:
On this date you want to reveal something about you that you are not proud of to let him know that you are not perfect and that you sometimes make mistakes.
Think ahead of time what you want to say and make sure that you end the conversation with something powerful to show him that you can get through difficulty in life and get back on top quickly. Make sure you don't talk about something that he would consider a "deal breaker".
To learn about the deal breakers you should ask him during date #2 about his deal breakers and situations that he considers unacceptable. This date can take place at dinner, lunch or during coffee at a public place. You should spend at least 60 minutes talking and sharing information.
If after you revealed your "weak spot" to him - he doesn't reveal his, don't consider it a rejection - just carry on with the conversation as though nothing happened. The most important part is to end this date on a high note by saying something good about your life, your goals or your accomplishments.
Date #4 Event With Friends:
When you bring your date to a dinner party at your friends you will subliminally indicate that the two of you are in a relationship and that you are a couple. The best way to make that official is by giving him a small hug in front of everyone or giving him a kiss in addition to paying compliments to him in front of others.
This doesn't have to last long, just a few small kisses so that everyone sees both of you together without you having to say it. Men are territorial and when your date gets so much attention in a group setting, he will feel wanted and loved and it will help elevate the relationship status to the next level without you having to say anything or do anything more.
So are you noticing a pattern here? Every date has a specific purpose and when you stick to this strategy, the progression of events will create an amazing bond and serve as a compound effect in your path to a relationship.
In Part 2 of this series I will tell you more about date #5 through date #7 and give you concluding remarks on how to make it all work instantly. You will be amazed at how effective this strategy is in creating relationships and strong feeling of mutual love for one another in a gay dating situation. Recent research shows that 58% of gay men who are single develop depression, gain weight and many end up HIV positive - all as a result of being single.
Paul Angelo, 3899060 PaulAngelo gay health, dating advice and relationship coach has a solution for you. But you need to take action today. Visit 3899060 PaulAngelo PaulAngelo or call 954-736-9763 before you miss out on another opportunity to meet your Mr. Right.

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