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How To Attract Gay Men Article

Gay Dating: Tips To Finding a Relationship Rather Than a Hookup

Many Gay Singles looking for everlasting love and a long-term relationship have found navigating the gay dating scene to be extremely challenging, frustrating and disappointing. For many gay singles, it's really difficult to determine when their potential gay date is looking for a long-term relationship or just a random hook up.
Follows are tips to help gay singles find a relationship rather than just a hookup:
Tip #1 - Gym vs. Activity Clubs - When it comes to Gay Dating, Relationship Expert Blaise Hancock, author of "Dating After 30: It Doesn't Have to Suck", recommends meeting someone at the gym. Flirtation and approaches in the steam room, however, are for men who just want to have sex. According to Hancock, gay men who flirt on the workout floor or in the locker room are much more open to dating and a potential relationship.
Other great places to meet gay men serious about gay dating and finding a relationship are at activities clubs. Gay singles flock to softball, football, running and volleyball leagues that are prevalent throughout the Country. These clubs attract gay men interested in keeping fit, being healthy, enjoying sports, and finding gay men to socialize with and date.
Tip #2 - Online Dating Websites - Online gay dating is another option for gay singles looking for their soul mate. According to Hancock, the beauty of the Internet is that there are very obvious online dating websites for gays looking for either just sex or dating/relationships. If someone is looking to hook up, they will probably fill out a profile on sites such as Manhunt, Men4SexNow or GayRomeo. But, for gay men looking for dating and a relationship, sites like gaydating and Bigmuscle have millions of members.
Tip #3 - Gay Bars - Throughout the Country, Gay bars attract hundreds of gay singles looking to meet, mingle and socialize. According to Hancock, if you head over after work for Happy Hour, chances are you'll meet a guy looking for a date. So, if you get a number during the after work two for one special, keep it! Chances are, that guy is looking for a date. On the other hand, the late night crowds generally attract guys cruising for a random hook up or one nightstand. So, if you're looking for a relationship, skip late night drinks at the hot gay bar in town and spend the night catching up with your TIVO instead.
Tip #4 - Gay Cruises - These days, thousands of gay singles find cruises the best mode of transportation for traveling. According to Hancock, meeting someone during day time activities, such as dancing lessons, water polo matches or even shuffle board on the poop deck, will probably lead to a date. However, nighttime grinding on the dance floor in the cruise ships' nightclub will probably only lead to sex.
Tip #5 - When it comes to Gay Dating, just be honest with what you're looking for and you could find yourself in a relationship sooner than you think! Unfortunately, many gay singles hook up in the hopes that it could lead to something more. Usually, that only leads to heartache and disappointment. Knowing where to meet other gay singles looking for much more than just a hook up is half the battle, getting that first date is the other half. If you're focused and honest with what you want at the outset, the dates will soon follow suite!
Good luck and Happy Dating!!
1371816 gaydating gay singles is now a click a way for gays who are looking for a serious gay relationship.

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